A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. This is a technology that has been used since 1995 and its main purpose in life was for office workers to remotely dial in from elsewhere to access their companies’ network. Since then the use of this has been anything but. Millions of people now use a VPN on a daily basis for security reasons, so that when they are on a public WIFI network they can access the internet without any chance of a hacker stealing their data and also so that the state cannot watch their online activities.

Many people use a VPN for TV purposes, watching BBC iPlayer when outside of the UK is a popular use for this as it switches your IP location from the county where you are to the United Kingdom so that you can access UK only TV applications that would normally be blocked where you are.

If you wish to download torrent files then using a VPN is always a good idea as it will unblock websites that are otherwise banned such as the pirate bay and allow you to locate and download torrent files. Not only will you be able to download them but you will also be able to do so anonymously.

Using a VPN has many benefits to it and now 1 in 6 internet users around the word has one install on their devices.

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