Free VPN VS Proxy – What is the Difference?

Well firstly these are two very different things. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network and this tunnels your internet via an app or settings. A Proxy is usually run via a web browser and you tunnel when actually in the browser itself.

A proxy is great for if you wish to quickly hide your tracks when online. Hiding your tracks is something that is sometimes needed for many reasons. One reason to hide your tracks is to get a fresh pair of eyes on something. If you want to look at a website that has not been cached then this is a good way of doing it as it will be the first time that it has seen that site.

A VPN is a far greater technology as it actually runs an encrypted tunnel between you and the Internet. It is far more secure to use  a VPN if you are wanting to access internet banking or paypal. A VPN is also used for accessing TV apps abroad such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix when in foreign countries. When you have a VPN you can access any website or app from the country where the VPN server is located, so you can be in Span and watch UK TV shows online without them being blocked.

British people living overseas often do this when living in places like Australia as it is far cheaper than paying for IPTV etc.

Many people use a VPN to access casino and poker websites and apps when they are abroad as these are locked to individual countries. In fact any service that is only available in the country of origin can be unblocked and accessed anywhere in the world when using a VPN, this is called Circumvention. Circumvention is something that is big business now with more and more people moving around the world. Two big places where this happens is Brits living in the Mediterranean wanting to access services from back home and Canadians wanting to access American services south of the border.

If you have a VPN that has multiple country servers that can be easily switched then this is advised. A VPN is vital for privacy as if you browse online on sites such as Google without a VPN, you are living companies all of your browsing data. This can be a bad idea also as well if you are in to download MP3 and movies files.



All in all a VPN has far more usage potential than using a proxy. The only thing really that a proxy should ever be used for is quick access circumvention and anonymity, where as for full time usage a VPN is by far the best option. A VPN is also something that can be installed on each of your devices where as a proxy will only run via your web browser and this can be tricky when on handheld devices.

If you have a VPN installed you get three big advantages over using the internet ordinarily. If you use a VPN you get regional circumvention, so that you can access TV and poker apps from the UK and the states anywhere in the world. You get to stop your ISP from looking at what you are looking at, so you may download as many MP3 files and movies till your heart is content. The third big reason is safety and security. When you are on a public WIFI network it is plain STUPID to be accessing your banking app when online as hackers can steal your data packets and get your passwords, this is particularly bad when using paypal as there is only of course one layer of security, just a password.

So if you are conformable with spending a few pounds or dollars per month on a VPN, it is certainly worth doing.

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