Watching BBC One When Using a VPN

You can watch BBC One online when using a UK VPN. This is something that people have been doing for over 10 years now and is something that is very popular with British expats living overseas.

Using a VPN will switch your IP address so that you appear to be within the United Kingdom when in fact you could be in Australia, Spain or anywhere in the world. You will have to also turn off your GPS location services when doing this so that you do not leak your real location. When you install a VPN on your devices you will be able to access not only BBC iPlayer content, but ITV Hub and all other British TV apps. TV Catch-up and TV Player apps are great for accessing live UK TV channels. This technology is great as a few years ago you had to rely on IPTV boxes, which are costly and buffer frequently. Now you can pay a few pounds or dollars per month and enjoy all UK & USA TV apps anywhere in the world.

Using a VPN is great for many uses as not only does it allow you to access TV content unblocked but it also gives you total internet security and freedom. When you are connected to a VPN you will be able to access blocked websites and download movies and music files from sites such as Pirate Bay, 1. Without the sites being blocked and 2. without your ISP or local government authority seeing what you are doing.



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